About Emily

Growing up, I was encouraged to let my creativity run wild and free. It was a childhood immersed in painting, sewing, horse-back riding, reading, and enjoying in the mountains.

Watching my mom build and brand a successful business against all the odds sparked a desire for me to create my own business…and to be my own boss.

What started on a summer day with a saddle shop, cold Coors Light, and a pond, turned into a passion of design and branding. I designed and launched my handbag company, E.R. Leather Goods on that hot July day in 2009.

Since the birth of E.R.L.G., I have sold globally, attended too many trade shows, worked with incredible influencers and designers, had the pleasure of creating timeless pieces for people to enjoy for years to come. That said, after getting married and having a child, priorities shifted and time was slipping by too quickly. The bags took a back seat to my family and it’s a decision I will never regret.

Today E.R.L.G. is in limited production and after years of the grind, it’s now my passion project and a way to keep designing and creating beautiful bags.