Round 350


When I began this journey so many long years ago, it was my creative outlet. I would wake up, make coffee, troll Pinterest and find something that evoked an interest or ignited a thought, and I would write about it. While I can make excuse after excuse as to why I haven't kept that up, it's just as simple as this...I didn't. I have threatened over and over to get back to my musings and with one failed attempt after another, I am going to give it another go. 

The Goods is my visual diary of sorts, a journal, an expression, whatever you want to call it, it's a compilation of the things I love and what inspires me on the daily. So there you go, I am back at it. I might change the format, I might change the theme, I might change my website, and there might be more content about my family and myself, but I my goal is to inspire myself and anyone who may be reading this. 

xx - Emily

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