About Emily

E.R. Leather Goods is infused with a timeless style heavily influenced by the Old West, Emily's childhood growing up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and her current lifestyle in the relaxed, coastal town of Santa Barbara, California.

As a young girl, Emily was encouraged to let her creativity run wild and free. It was a childhood immersed in painting, sewing, horseback riding, reading, and living in the mountains, which shaped the woman that Emily is today. Her creativity is boundless, and she is not afraid of hard work...two characteristics that ensure that E.R. Leather Goods is here to stay!

In July, 2007 while visiting a saddle shop in Jackson, Emily was taken first by the gorgeous, old tools and the earthy smell of leather, and it took just seconds for her eyes to land on a beautiful scrap of hair on hide. It was that very scrap that inspired her to hand stitch her first clutch. E.R. Leather Goods was born on that hot July afternoon as she sat on the dock of a neighbors pond drinking cold Coors Light with her sister in her bikini. Fortunately, not much has changed in the way Emily does business today! 

Fast forward to today, and despite the tremendous growth of the business, every single one of Emily’s handbags is still made by hand...her two hands, to be exact. As Emily says, “It's always a work in progress, and the infusion of new ideas will never end!”

Although Emily loves her life in Santa Barbara, as they say, “You can take the girl out of Wyoming, but you can't take the Wyoming out of the girl!”